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Marriage Proposals Do’s and Dont’s
The YES Gods have bestowed upon us a big task and that is a guide to help you nail that beautiful word. You might’ve fallen in love, at first sight, a few months ago or have been growing together for the past decade, yet an engagement affair isn’t easy on anybody. Check out below a […]
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Engagement Rings with Hollywood Charm
Marriages come and go, but engagement rings are forever…at least in Hollywood. If you’re looking for a piece worthy of the big screen and glamorous celebrities, look no further than the top 5 from our store.  A Hollywood charm is something that mesmerizes you, makes you wonder and lust over precious materials. A diamond is […]
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5 Adorable Ways to Propose With Your Pet
Don’t break a sweat! Of course, proposing is one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life, but what if I said your best friend could be part of the plan? Proposing with your pet is the most adorable way of popping the question, and it just makes the moment all the more special, and […]
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Your Basic Guide to Customizing Your Engagement Ring
Planning on popping the question? Or perhaps you have already been asked and you want to make your ring that extra special? Getting your ring customized is not only a brilliant way of expressing your love in a unique way, but an equally amazing way of injecting a bit of your own personality into one […]
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Top Non-Diamond Engagement Rings – Say YES to Precious Stones
Engagement rings are precious gifts you give somebody you love. They carry feelings and a question, “will you marry me?”, but also trends, stones and glamorous diamonds. If you’re not the type to dazzle in bedazzle, choose non-diamond engagement rings with rubies, sapphires, morganites and topazes, to name a few.   In the last decades, […]
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