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The Perfect Manicure to Match Your Engagement Ring

engagement manicure

Do you think he is going to pop the question? Go get your nails done, girl! Or what will your IG engagement selfie announcement look like??

True, Engagement rings go perfectly with light pink polish. It’s timeless, classy, and always beautiful. You can’t go wrong with that.

But what’s the fun in that?! Choosing the right nail polish could really add that extra touch of style and glam to your IG engagement announcement, and really compliment your ring.


So besides the obvious -Yes, we are talking about black. matches everything, effortlessly stylish, makes the ring stand out but still adds a touch of chic, There are two ways to choose:

By the metal of your ring 

Gold Engagement rings

Wearing a yellow gold ring, you should clearly complement it with a warmer color to add some hit! Choose a red, peach, or light pink nail, that will balance the metal but also highlight the stone it carries. Another way to go is keeping it posh with a light neutral undertone, like pearl, ivory, or tan.


Rose Gold Engagement rings

The rose gold indicates you are not the average Jane,  and therefore you will not settle on an average looking nails, no ma’am! Go with anywhere between salmon pink to a dark Amber, or any shade of red, to bring out the rose in your gold, or go with the neutral, quiet colors like cotton, buttermilk, or powder, to bring out the uniqueness of your ring.


Silver / White Gold Engagement rings

Light and bright metal call for a dark and rich color! Maroon, crimson, midnight blue, or chocolate tones will bring out the bright spark of your ring and make it pop out. 

If you are going with a more graceful and elegant look, pair your ring with one of the soft hues like white or champagne, or one of the colorful pastel shades. 





By using a close/ contradicting tone color


An IG photo with an amazing blue sapphire engagement ring on a hand with a hot orange mani? R U KIDDIN’? Sounds like a photo we will definitely LIKE!!! Don’t be scared to go crazy with the colors. The beauty with the gemstone engagement rings is their colorfulness and perkiness. 

Diamond or other white stone will be best attached to a nude or a light pink nail, keeping it classy and fine, just like the girl wearing them. 

On the other hand, if you want a touch of color to spice your diamond, go with light red or burgundy- flashy but with class. 


By the way- don’t think twice about nail art. If you like it- go for it! It’s a hot trend now, especially for young brides, and some glitter, sparkle, and cute designs can add and compliment your ring,  just as long as they’re not stealing the focus from the ring itself. 




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