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Leap Year Proposal #Hesaidyes !

Even before the year 2020, the idea of the woman being the one to propose has been a steady topic of debate. Traditionally, men have been the ones to propose, and while some of us prefer to keep it that way some of us want to try something new. The day is yours and it’s up to you! But the year 2020 brings to light not just the year of Pantone’s classic blue, or the kick-off of a new decade, but also Leap Year. You might not know it but Leap Year holds a not so known tradition where we get to propose!


History of Leap Year Proposals

There are a few different stories as to where this tradition originated from one of the first stems from fifth-century Ireland when St. Brigid brought to St. Patrick’s attention women’s complaints of how long it took men to propose or whose suitors were just plain a-lolly-gagging AKA too shy or slow to pop the question. Originally St. Patrick granted the allowance of women to propose once every seven years but at St. Brigid’s insistence he folded and in turn, St. Patrick decreed that women could take matters into their own hands and propose themselves every 4 years on February 29th. 


The “Clothes Fine”

Worried he’ll say no? Don’t fret, the folktale additionally mentions how any man refusing the law of proposal on the 29th has to pay a “clothes fine”. If he declines he has to pay a “clothes fine” ranging anywhere from a kiss to a pair of gloves to a silk dress to £100. So theoretically you could pop the question to as many men as possible on this day and have a new wardrobe by sundown! Jokes aside, Remember that in the end this is a folktale and it’s meant to add something unique. 


Follow Your Heart, Not History

Firstly, it should go without saying that if you want to propose, you should, do it at anytime you like. Just like men do. The main point here is if you’re a lady and you want to propose do it anytime you choose. But you can propose on a leap year and make it unique.

If you’re looking to make a special engagement proposal, this is your year ladies. Get inspired by the romantic movie “Leap Year” from 2010 and embark on a new decade together. In Ireland, it is said to be good luck for women to propose on the 29th of February. This is the same in other cultures, like Scotland and Finland.





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