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5 Adorable Ways to Propose With Your Pet

Don’t break a sweat! Of course, proposing is one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life, but what if I said your best friend could be part of the plan? Proposing with your pet is the most adorable way of popping the question, and it just makes the moment all the more special, and they will be shocked by such a unique proposal!

Don’t know what to do with your best bud? No fear – we have got a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing!


1. A Special Message

A simple, but efficient way of letting your pet do the handy work is by adding a special message to their collar. We love this “Will you marry me?” tag, it’s subtle, and simply stunning. Just picture it now, you’re going on a romantic stroll with your pet when suddenly, your loved one sees their collar – tears are assured, so get the tissues at the ready!

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2. Furry Ring Bearers

Your pet has to get practicing for the big day – so why not get them to bring the engagement ring? Or at least balance it on their nose! It will totally take your loved one aback and make for a lovely surprise. Any animal lover will love this idea!

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3. Engagement Puppies

Or kittens – not being biased! Why not, as well as pop the question, offer them a puppy or any other pet to celebrate the big event? Or you can take them out to pick out the dream pet after a dream day – how can you top that?


4. A Little Less Subtle

If you are planning on making your proposal big then you need to go all out! Dress up smart – and that’s including your pet! Then, add a board around your pet’s collar asking those four special words to your loved one. They will have to say yes, it’s too adorable!

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5. Just a Walk

Even a walk around your favorite park with your pet(s) can make for a pleasurable proposal. They definitely won’t expect it either – your other half, that is! Take them down the scenic route and show them some incredible views before popping the question in front of your furry family! Even your pets will get excited! Now all you have to do is pluck up the courage to put your ideas into action.



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