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Wedding Guide: The Biggest Trends for 2020

Winter is the most popular season to get engaged. Summer is the most likely one to actually get hitched. The average length of an engagement is somewhere between 12-18 months. These are a few tidbits you have to know before getting engaged. If you’re looking for more, check out the engagement guide below: the biggest trends for 2020.

The year 2020 has a lovely touch to it. In Chinese culture, it’s the year of the rat. This is a symbol of wealth to which married couples prayed when they wanted to grow their families. But there’s more to 2020 than zodiacs.

Mark 2020 with your personality
The biggest 2020 trend is the couple’s personality. The new generation doesn’t want to abide all the rules. They want to have fun and create memories, not go overboard with trends like the right colors and themes when it comes to weddings. As for the engagement affair, they’re most likely to do it privately or elope sort-to-speak.

There’s nothing wrong with making it easy for yourself and picking from every category what suits you best. 2020 is the year Pantone Institute will likely dedicate to shades of blues and greens or something between, like the ocean if you want a theme for your engagement or wedding party.




Sustainable trends
Modern couples are thinking more and more about our planet. They are more inclined to work with companies that use local goods, from food and drinks to flowers and decor. Millennials might even like to wear second-hand outfits. They want recycled paper for wedding invitations and donating their gifts to a charity. One thing that’s not changing when it comes to the “I DO DAY” is the cake. The trends for this part of the party are getting bigger by the year. Cake artists are turning this dessert into dramatic art from edible flowers to mountains of cupcakes. There’s a slice for every taste out there.



A natural bride-to-be
When it comes to the bride or the engagement party dress, 2020 brings a mix of classic elegance and glamour. You can pick a retro look, a simple white dress with no embellishments, but with pockets, or you can even go for a suit jacket. The veil is gaining a lot of popularity, as for the hair, specialists recommend leaving it as natural as possible. Add flowers, pearl headbands, ribbons, or hippie braids to enhance your beautiful traits.
To complement the look, the engagement ring trends tend to be as special. Couples want more history, than modern. More yellows, cushion cuts and hand-mined diamonds, than movie-star choices.




2020 is all about jewelry impact with Georgian-inspired models, instead of minimalist ones. Of course, if you don’t want a big stone, you can opt for a band with more petite stones. If you can, reinvent old pieces or invest in vintage rings to be as sustainable as you can. Don’t be afraid to use colors to make your ring stand out, go for purples, pinks, greens, blues, and even blacks. 

Have a wonderful 2020!



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