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Our Top 5 Movie Proposals of All Times
movie proposal
Don’t you just love a romantic movie? When you start planning your dreamy wedding proposal, it’s a good idea to go get some inspo from the greatest love stories of Hollywood. All the great screenwriters already did all the hard work of thinking about the perfect romantic and creative proposals, so why not use them?! […]
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Till death do us part -Halloween Weddings
It takes an original, bold bride to set up a Halloween-themed wedding, and we absolutely love the spooky inspiration this special day is bringing! The end of October is very popular for weddings, due to the fall ambiance, and right before we go off to the long cold winter season. If you schedule your wedding […]
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Yellow Color Palette for Your Wedding
Having a yellow themed wedding is a great color theme for a spring or summer wedding, and though it was considered an underused color up until few years ago, we’re happy to see that the popularity of this shade has been on the rise! The secret here is to use various shades of yellow and […]
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100 Years of Engagement Ring Styles
how engagement rings have changed over the century
The first proposal with a diamond engagement ring happened in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented one to Mary of Burgundy. This started the lifelong tradition of asking your significant other’s hand in marriage with a diamond ring. Although this tradition hasn’t changed, styles of engagement rings have evolved throughout the centuries. More specifically,  […]
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Color palettes – 6 rings based on international wedding locations
wedding in Tuscany color palette
If you’re a globe-trotter at heart or you want to match your engagement ring to a special location, then this guide is for you! We’ve drawn inspiration from the color palettes of 6 rings and matched them to international wedding locations. Because sometimes just looking at jewelry that reminds you of a special place can […]
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