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Category: Good to Know

Birthday Giveaway – We Have a Winner!
Drumroll please! We had a great month, celebrating 5 wonderful years. So many of you have entered the giveaway raffle, and we’re grateful for this. Unfortunately, there’s only one winner this time – and the winner is…   Congratulations Kayla Rochelle Marie Colburn You are the winner of this wonderful ring!! Please contact us so […]
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15 Things to Know About Wedding Rings
White or gold, with or without stones, two-tone or tattooed on, there’s a wedding band out there for you. When we talk about the bride and groom’s jewelry, we mostly address the engagement ring. But there is more to add to your beautiful hands, so discover the top 15 things to know about wedding rings. […]
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Top 15 things to know about engagement rings
When you think about engagement rings, you either envision some princess cut jewelry on the list of the most expensive celebrity buys or you want something discreet, unique and personal. But no matter what type of person you are, you should definitely look over top 15 things to know about engagement rings. Engagement rings for […]
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How to Take the Perfect Ring-Selfie?
Congratulation on your first “YES”! But engagement tears aside, how are you going to let the world know he proposed? Check out the guide below on how to take the perfect ring-selfie. Selfie it now or it doesn’t exist! In today’s world, it didn’t happen if you don’t have the photo proof plastered all over […]
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Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are Perfect For Eco-Warriors
As well as providing a more affordable alternative to your favorite stones, LGD rings, or lab grown diamond rings, also have a more ethical ethos to them, perfect for those of you that are more environmentally-conscious. Nowadays, people pay more attention to where their purchases come from, and with jewelry, it’s no different…   Lab […]
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