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Your Basic Guide to Customizing Your Engagement Ring

Planning on popping the question? Or perhaps you have already been asked and you want to make your ring that extra special? Getting your ring customized is not only a brilliant way of expressing your love in a unique way, but an equally amazing way of injecting a bit of your own personality into one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever wear. You’ll be wearing it every day, so you have to make it special, right?


Before getting started, there are two things you should do, the first one is prepare yourself mentally for the time any alterations may take. Some of them can take months – so this isn’t drop in on the Saturday, pick up on the Monday kind of scenario. The second one is to find your inspiration – Pinterest will be your ally for this mission, it’s the perfect way of discovering what you like, you love and obviously what you like less as well. Then, you just need to find a jewelry designer whose aesthetic is similar to yours – if you have a penchant for antique jewelry, then someone who shares this passion might be your best option.


How can you customize your engagement ring? Look no further, we shall tell you all the tips and tricks you need!



14k White Gold Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

 You can select a gemstone to refresh your ring and keep it current, or make sure it suits your everyday style. The jeweler will help you find something that fits your needs, style and of course, budget. Also, like with clothes, you need to see what kind of shape works with you and you feel confident in. Gemstones have so many meanings, and it’s now very popular to choose something that reflects the month of the first date, first kiss or their engagement, you could also chose each other’s respective birth months – it’s up to you!



Choosing the Cut

princess cut engagement ring

After selecting the gemstone, you need to decide on the cut, or the lack of it – the most popular being the more traditional round cut, the princess cut for very feminine future brides, or the emerald cut for a dainty fit. You could also leave it “raw” or uncut, which is rapidly becoming a favorite amongst future brides too – this means the setting is created to fit the stone and not vice versa.




Another way of customizing your engagement ring is by getting something engraved into it – you could choose the date you first met, a symbol that has significance for you both. You could get it engraved in the inside or on the outside to share that special moment with everyone. Another popular choice is getting each other’s initials engraved on the inside.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


Leaving a Room

The most important part is to keep it subtle and not go overboard – who knows? Maybe you’ll have another joyous occasion to feature on your ring, perhaps vow renewals or the birth of your children? Like with anything, the simpler the better – it’s timeless, classy but still has significance for the both of you. You will have plenty of time to add things later on, so don’t go crazy with the customizations!




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