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The Origin of Diamond Cuts- And How They Got Their Names
diamond cuts names
So by now, we all know the differences between LCD, diamonds, and moissanite. But what about the shapes and cuts? Let’s go back to the roots to discover the stories behind these cuts and how they got their names. The quick guide below gives the lowdown on the origin of diamond cuts.    Princess This […]
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What’s the difference between white, yellow and rose gold?
Eeny…meeny…miny…moe, which color to pick for my beau? We are blessed to be able to choose between so many beautiful and precious materials. But If you’ve wondered what’s the difference between white, yellow and rose gold, look no further than the little, guide below.   What is gold? While we all know about gold, not […]
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Moissanite – An Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Alternative to Diamonds!
In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to find sustainable and ethical solutions, and jewelry should be no exception. Although it’s no secret that diamonds aren’t exactly the “poster gem” for being eco friendly, many of us still dream of that classic look and feel they bring. But what if there was a conflict-free […]
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Moissanite Vs. Diamonds – What’s the Difference?
Today, there’s a multitude of options when it comes to engagement rings. And while we’re all familiar with the classic diamond ring, there’s one (not so little) stone out there that serves a great alternative and deserves some serious attention. But, if you’re still wondering what’s the difference between diamonds and moissanite, then look no […]
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How to Choose the Perfect Ring Band
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the jewelry choices of this lovely bride and groom. Please be seated so we can take a look over how to choose the perfect wedding band. Joke aside, there are so many rings to pick from it’s hard to make a good choice…in time for the […]
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Your Basic Guide to Customizing Your Engagement Ring
Planning on popping the question? Or perhaps you have already been asked and you want to make your ring that extra special? Getting your ring customized is not only a brilliant way of expressing your love in a unique way, but an equally amazing way of injecting a bit of your own personality into one […]
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