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Customized Wedding Shoes

The role of your wedding shoes on the D-day cannot be overemphasized. You walk, dance, sit, eat … with your footwear on the entire time. Little wonder we now have customized wedding shoes designed to suit individual tastes and fashion, and we’re super excited about it!

Having your wedding shoes custom-made is a winning combination of comfort and style. You get to decide what you want to wear, and you can easily upgrade even the looks of the most boring-yet-super-comfy orthopedic shoe. Take a look at some of the ideas here:


Get married in your favorite sneakers – just add a pop of color or a custom pattern. You have to take a look at Kehoecustoms’ account to see her handpainted Nikes.

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A post shared by Kehoe Customs (@kehoecustoms)


Another cool bridal sneakers option is Chuck Taylor Converse wedding shoes. Though you can’t really fully-customized them, they make a cool alternative to the traditional wedding shoes for both the bride and groom.


We just can’t get enough of Figgi’s personalized wedding shoes. Tattoesque-style, handpainted illustrations full of details and amazing style!


Ellie Wren Wedding Shoes offers a variety of customization and personalization options – from the shoe colors to details, fabric, and texts on the soles.




Before you start looking for your customized wedding shoes, two important tips:

Set out early
Avoid the last-minute rush. Starting early allows you ample time to consider numerous options and put all vital factors into consideration before making your decision. Plus, having everything in place as soon as possible helps you avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with hurried decisions.

Consider your wedding location
Don’t get carried away with the beauty of the sleek pair. Have a footwear fit for your wedding location.


What’s your dream customized wedding shoe?







Retro Cars in Weddings Trend

While the wedding car has always featured in wedding photographs, retro cars and classics now seem to be the in-thing. If you’re wondering what all the rave about retro wedding cars is, this article is crafted to get you in the know.


What Makes Retro Cars Great Wedding Cars?

Great feeling

An elegant retro wedding car will assuredly give you the fairytale feeling. Little wonder it is a fast-rising trend. Retro cars are great to add excitement and spark to the wedding. Plus, you are bound to remember the special day you drove your bride across town in a shimmering retro car.



If you’re looking for a way to bring an aesthetic touch to your wedding, a retro car is a safe way to go. Plus, retro cars look exquisite in pictures.



The show-stopping retro cars are perfect elements to reinforce your wedding theme.


They are unique

Having a retro wedding car is one way to stand out on your wedding day. They account for a statement-making entrance. Retro cars bring in color, fun and a nostalgic feel to your wedding. It is a sure way to have your guests focused on you as you arrive at your wedding venue.




How Do I Select the Right Retro Wedding Car?

Here are a few points to help you choose the perfect retro wedding car when selecting your wedding car.


Couple’s Outfit

As with choosing accessories, it is important that you consider the couple’s outfits and choose a car that suits it.


Wedding Color and Theme

Ensure that you select a car that matches the color scheme of your wedding and is in tune with the wedding concept. Your wedding car should reinforce your wedding theme, not look out of place.


What Will Be Done Thereafter 

Remember it is first a car. It is always a great choice to choose a car that suits your movement arrangements for the day. Considering the wedding venue and season is also a plus when choosing wedding cars.


Choose a well-known, professional leasing company

Where possible, go with a well-known car-leasing company. This way, you get quality information about the car you’re about to rent or purchase.


Set out early enough

Setting out early offers you ample time to consider numerous choices and make the best decision. Plus, if you’re renting a car, it affords you enough time to check the car in advance (a must-do when renting wedding cars).



In wet or cold seasons, you should book yourself a car that keeps you comfortably dry and has an effective heater.


It is your day and whatever you choose will reflect your style!



Featured photos: Filiz Mehmed on Unsplash ,Scott Webb on Unsplash





Colorful Weddings

Over the centuries, colors have played crucial roles in celebrations and events. Wondering why weddings are now a celebration of colors? It is because of the tremendous effect of these priceless gems. This article is designed as a beginner guide to colorful weddings…

Why should I have a colorful wedding?

A colorful wedding brings together bright vibrant colors and bright colors carry life and fun.

What is the most important factor when planning a colorful wedding?

Color. As with the word “colorful” itself, a colorful wedding feeds on color.


How do I Plan a Colorful Wedding?

Here are some points we’ve found helpful with planning a colorful wedding…


Choose a color range

While you want to have a colorful wedding, you don’t want your venue to look like World Color War 1. You could choose a few bright colors and go well together. Then, build around these colors, an element per time.


Use colorful invitations

A great way to set the tone for a colorful wedding is to send out colorful invites. A colorful invite will not only prepare the guest for the event to come but will also align the chosen color themes from start.

[source: Guestbook Envy]


Adopt bright furniture

A colorful wedding is an overall effect of numerous elements, the furniture being a major piece. Using bright-colored furniture is an assured way to splash a bit of color into your event. Plus, colored and comfortable furniture pieces are great for pictures too.


Bring in the floral

An easy way to bring life and color to your event is to use flowers.  As with fabrics and home décor, brightly colored flowers bring in life and fun.  Hence, using flowers at your wedding will undoubtedly enhance the colorful outlook.

Small vases with brightly colored flowers are great options for long reception tables. Alternatively, you could simply use a flower wall.

[Source: Texture Florals]


Color the table

When planning a colorful wedding, every piece of furniture counts.

Color your tables with brightly colored linens, tablecloths, and napkins. Consider using colorful cups and plates. Have every piece on your tables bring in some color and your venue would be looking like a peaceful home of exciting colors in no time.


Serve colored drinks and food items

Again, every element matters. If you’re gunning for a colorful wedding, your wedding cake doesn’t have to be plain. You should have your cake made in fun colors. An alternative way to splash color on a plain cake is to have colorful fruits and flowers around it.


With colorful weddings, the little elements we often ignore go a long way. Have the little details bear fun colors and your wedding will be looking like a feast of colors in no time.


[Main photo – the amazing We Heart Pictures]


Red, White & Blue GIVEAWAY


The Fourth of July celebrates the freedom and independence – and it’s a wonderful way to remind you to celebrate your own values which make you the united state of yourself. Your way, your passion, yourself, your valor, purity and justice. 

This is why we’re giving away two gorgeous White Gold rings for two winners – one Ruby ring and one Sapphire ring, so you can have your own sparkle – with or without the fireworks shows.

Entering the giveaway is simple. Just follow the instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway






Ideas for Unique Thank You Gifts

Gratitude stands at the center of every matter. Little wonder “thank you” is a magic word. Hand-written thank you notes, cards, and gifts being only a few of the numerous ways to say this magic word. Thinking of getting a thank you gift? Here is a guide.


Selecting a Thank You Gift

As with selecting birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or any other type of gifts. There are important factors to note when selecting a thank you gift.


Recipient’s interest

Choose a gift your recipient likes, not necessarily one you like. The main point with a gift is that it is done with the interest of the recipient at heart.



A perfect gift for a child might be just the worst idea for a teenager. Note that people change with time and so do their interests.


Recipients need

You want to give what you think a person wants or need, not what you want them to have.



Everyone wants to feel special, knowing that you put in a lot of thought into their gift. Unsure what counts as unique? Here are some unique gift ideas for the perfect thank you gift:


Custom Wine Stopper

This custom wine stopper from Etsy is a great gift for the wine lover. Whether you want to say thank you to your wedding guests or gift your loved ones, it can be customized to carry your message.

custom wine stopper wedding gift



Mr. & Mrs. Table Decoration

This cute peg doubles as a table decoration and can even be used as a name holder at your wedding. Painted with so much detail, it is the perfect wedding favor for your big day.



Personalized Wedding Favors

Thinking of a simple thank you gift to have your guest wowing at your wedding? Wedding, engagement, bridal shower, birthday, Christmas…you can gift this at every event. This personalized gift is a beautiful way to carry your heart note of gratitude to your recipient.



Personalized Engraved Bamboo Straws with Thank You Notes

What better way is there to say thank you than to actually say thank you? “Silent gratitude isn’t much to anyone,” Gertrude Stein said. We especially love these because they’re absolutely natural, washable, and reusable. It’s an investment of gratitude.


Tic Tac Toe – Guest Gift

Want a unique gift for your nature-loving wedding guests? The Tic-Tac Toe guest gift from Etsy is uniqueness and simplicity in one piece. Fun is guaranteed and boredom now in the past.  This handmade bag is the perfect gift that cuts across all ages.


In the end, with gifts, the heart is principal. Remember thank you gifts are expressions of love and appreciation.

[Top image source]


Denim & Weddings

The conventional look for weddings in most cities remains the traditional white wedding dress and tuxedo. However, many couples have defiled this norm and established a new trend of denim-themed weddings. This article is designed to answer frequently asked questions on Denim and Weddings…


What weddings can denim be worn to?

While jeans are not commonly accepted outfits in most cities, you could make it the wanted outfit for yours. Have a denim-themed wedding and denim can be worn to your wedding.


Why wear denim to my wedding

Well, why not? Here are a few reasons why you might consider wearing denim on your big day…


Endless options

Denim provides endless options of styles and a wide range of possibilities. Available in different styles and colors, you have numerous options to pick from for your big day.



Denim is a long-lasting fabric. Originally designed as fabrics for work clothes, they could sometimes last for up to a decade. This means that you can wear your dress time and time again after your wedding making it a great investment. It is the only fabric that offers this much durability.



From faded to very deep colors, denim is available across different saturations. So, you can select a shade you prefer. Denim can be carefully tailored to include detailed embroidery designs and prints. So whether you want the “simple and classy” look or you aim for the “bold and beautiful” trend, it’s great for both.



Not only is denim durable but it is also a comfortable material. With the wide variety of brands, it is easy to find comfortable jeans. You could also have your outfits custom-made for you.


Easy to maintain

Unlike other fabrics that require consistent washing and delicate care, denim is much easier to maintain. Denim is the least difficult of clothing materials to maintain though the attention required might vary depending on your dress.


Wrinkle resistant

While you want to look great at your wedding, you don’t want to spend ages on laundry and ironing. Not only is the denim durable but it is also wrinkle resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about ironing after every wash.



Denim is a perfect base for most outfits and pairing them with accessories is not only fun but extremely easy. Take your denim wedding dress a step higher with the right jewelry. Diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires? With denim, all is a perfect match.



But I want to wear a wedding gown

You could wear a denim wedding gown if you so delight.  Here are a few denim gowns…





If you want to take this trend in smaller bites…

You can always start with an accessory or two such as this gorgeous denim brooch …



… or the wedding denim jackets trend!






5 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes

It used to be the case that a wedding cake was an absolute essential on the wedding-day-event list, but times have changed and nowadays we see (and LOVE) gorgeous, yummy, surprising wedding cake alternatives. Gluten-free, sugar-free, cake-free… they’re all there, and we’ve picked some of the real surprising ones to share with you:


I Love You Brie Much

No sweet tooth? No problem. Wedding cheese cakes (not cheesecakes, cheese cakes!) and cheese boards There are plenty of savory wedding cake options out there. You’d be surprised to know just how much cheese and cheese plates are a huge trend these days – so why not bring this deliciousness to your special day?

cheese wheels cake

[photo: Tomkat Studio]


Slice Slice Baby

Someone to love us like we love pizza. And we’re not alone here, you know that. Take this endless, unconditional love (well, pineapple might change that) and turn it into a pizza wedding cake. Your guests will always remember that you both share a pizza of your heart.

[photo: @toddgoodphoto]


Rice Krispies Cake

Rice Kripsies treats wedding cake surely brings back childhood favorites into your special day. Your guests’ emotions of nostalgia and memories of childhood delight, will be a wonderful addition to a past-meets-future kind of moment.

rice kripspies cake

[source: Pinterest]


Pancakes and Waffles Cakes

Talking about childhood memories in the previous section made us look for other breakfast table wedding cake alternatives, and we’ve found this yummy version of breakfast waffles wedding cake. Perfect for current Brunch Weddings, we kind of want to get married and buried in this cake.

[photo: @WaffleLUV]


Big Statement, Mini Cakes

Minimonies, or mini-ceremonies, become more and more present as a result of how COVID-19 has affected the wedding industry. Since mini is the new word, why not go all the way to mini versions of wedding cakes, ones that would enable each guest to take one piece – no knife or gloves required? From cake pops to biscuits, to personal wedding cakes, it’s interesting and wonderful to see how creativity blooms in even challenging times.



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A post shared by Dip’d N Drip’d (@dipd_n_dripd)



Our Top 5 Movie Proposals of All Times

Don’t you just love a romantic movie?

When you start planning your dreamy wedding proposal, it’s a good idea to go get some inspo from the greatest love stories of Hollywood. All the great screenwriters already did all the hard work of thinking about the perfect romantic and creative proposals, so why not use them?!


Whether you’re waiting for your SO to pop the question, or just in the mood for some loving, it’s always fun to remember these romantic, cheesy, emotional love stories. Believe us, it wasn’t easy to pick our 5 favorites for this list. It took a lot of tissue paper and a lot of “ Ohhhhh❤️”s from our team, but we’ve put together some extra emotional and all-time-favorite list of 5 top movie proposals :


Love Actually

We just had to start with this pearl, a movie filled with romantic magic moments that climax to the wedding proposal where Jamie professes his love for Aurelia in Portuguese, as her entire town looks on and cheers. 




Pride and Prejudice

Oh gosh, is there a list of romantic movies without Jane Austen?!

The breathtaking period scenery, unbelievable accent and lingo, beautiful cast, pouring rain, and almost everything in this movie just says romance all over it.  The second proposal of Darcy to Elizabeth just gets us goosebumps.  

And we just love, we love, we love this movie!



My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Just a sweet, private, and intimate moment is sometimes all you need, to create the perfect romantic atmosphere and just ask someone to marry. Ian asks Toula to marry him in bed, with no big gestures or pretentious manner. Just the two of them, in a beautiful shared loving moment. 

We don’t know how to say this…will you marry us? 



Sex and the City

Don’t get us started on Mr. Big.

But in the end, when it’s just Big and Carrie in that big empty apartment they never moved into and he gets down on one knee and calls her out loud “the love of his life”, there was a sigh of relief from around the world- Thank god! 

And then he closed the deal with the shoe… Classic!



Gone With the Wind

Even though Scarlette wasn’t in the mood for romance (to say the least) Rhett made up his mind! Scarlet is grieving over her husband but Rhett thinks it’s a good time to declare his love, waiting to catch Scarlet “between husbands”. 

“I made up my mind that you were the only woman for me the first day I saw you”.

Come on how can you say no to that?!

This is what we call an honorable proposal of marriage, made at what we consider a poor moment, But still Awfully Romantic.

Also- Clark Gable.




Falling for you – Fall Wedding Inspiration

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air begins to chill, the season for fall weddings is fast approaching.

Fall weddings carry a unique atmosphere. The warm colors, the rustic decor, and the distinctive light create a whimsical set up for a magnetic-styled event. We’ve gathered some ideas for an event full of color and spirit.



Nature brings us such beautiful changes this time of the year, it simply has to be combined in your event! Whether it is in the fall flower arrangements, centerpieces combined with wheat and hay, and foliage leaves spread all through the decor. You can even use this easy weather to have your reception or ceremony outdoors (which is a great solution for these social distancing times), under a canopy of flowers or leaves, and bring the amazing fall lightning into your event (and photos!).

photo: Nathan Fiske Photography


Event color palette

This is the time to go crazy with your wedding pallet choices. Not the average white and champagne, but warm, earth tones like orange, dark red, gold or jewel tones like sapphire or emerald. 


Fall flowers

Take the seasonal advantage of the rustic nature to create the most amazing and rich bouquet for yourself, flower crowns for your bridesmaids, and for your SO- a floral boutonniere, that will compliment the earthy theme.

photo: Ladybird Poppy

The drinks

Just in case it gets a little chilly, plan a warm beverage bar with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, warm sangria bowl, or hot ciders (alcoholic or not).

photo: a brit & a blonde



The rustic approach allows you to go the full fall bounty with grazing platters. Pile up cheeses, meats, bread, nuts and seasonal fruits for a feast styled dinner.



Wedding favors 

Warm homey giveaways such as scented candles, caramel apples, tea fusions, or a small jar of scented spices. You can even DIY – what will give you extra points for the “best wedding favor ever” awards.


Few more colors for you to enjoy…


photo: noonansdesgins


fall wedding table decor

photo: Rinck Content Studio


Main photo: Bantersnaps

Till death do us part -Halloween Weddings

It takes an original, bold bride to set up a Halloween-themed wedding, and we absolutely love the spooky inspiration this special day is bringing!

The end of October is very popular for weddings, due to the fall ambiance, and right before we go off to the long cold winter season. If you schedule your wedding day or minimony (mini-ceremony, as COVID-19 now requires) to Halloween, whether it’s by purpose or just because that’s what’s left, it doesn’t have to be all-black, witches and ghosts, but only with a few subtle spooky elements, you can add without sacrificing style or elegance.


A good way to start is to think of the decor. Halloween theme brings all kinds of goodies as venue options- like a haunted house as your location, Or just an old mansion with some added haunted touch, like candelabras, antique chandeliers, heavy drapes, and dark colors. You can go black and orange, but there are other alternative color palettes perfect for a spine-tingling decoration- fall tones as dark green, brown and burnt orange, or jewel tones like Drame velvet, midnight blue, and smoky grey.

image: wyngrandjupiter instagram


As for the flowers, natural branches—no leaves, or big flower arrangements with dark burgundy or blood-red roses, calla lilies, and dahlias. Dripping candles and ornaments like skulls, black lace, and some pumpkins will close that morbid deal.

halloween wedding ideas

image: Samantha Farmer Photography


Another fun whiff can be a table with buckets full of chocolate bars, for a trick or treat bit and bite, or an all-black high wedding cake with dark and fantastic decorations.

And the ultimate dash- The bride and groom. Like the Corpse Bride look? You can be more subtle choosing lace, tulle, long sleeves, merged with dark and heavy, rich jewels, all will give that honorable vintage and styled wanted look. Black wedding dresses are trendy and it’s a great reason to wear one if you want the minimal touch. The Groom can be Halloweened with a puff tie, a burgundy velvet jacket, or standout cufflinks or pocket square. The extra brave brides can go with an all-black stunning look and makeup for the full macabre.  

You will surely be remembered as one of the most original couples, that are not afraid of showing their uniqueness by choosing a date like Halloween for their wedding and also owning it with appropriate style.



Photos: Jami Laree ,  IG