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Category: Inspiration

How To Create A Great Gatsby-Inspired Wedding
If you’re in love with the roaring 20’s as much as we are, then having a theme for your special day could be a solution. Having a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding can be an original, yet elegant twist on an important occasion – think jazz music, the Charleston and feather and bejeweled headdresses. We have hunted […]
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A Look Into Our Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings Collection
White gold is the most popular choice when it comes to any jewelry but rose gold engagement rings are gaining a lot of popularity. You will find this metal in classic shapes, you can reinvent an old stone with its help, and you can get a personalized item that will make “I DO” history. Unique […]
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5 Adorable Ways to Propose With Your Pet
Don’t break a sweat! Of course, proposing is one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life, but what if I said your best friend could be part of the plan? Proposing with your pet is the most adorable way of popping the question, and it just makes the moment all the more special, and […]
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5 Unique Engagement Rings
So you’re going to pop the question? Congratulations! Other than plucking up the courage, finding the ideal location and ringing up the future parents-in-law, you also need to find a ring that will make them fall in love a second time! This doesn’t mean a rock the size of a fist, but you can find […]
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How To Work “Something Blue” Into Your Wedding Day
photo by james bold blue wedding shoes
The whole “something blue” tradition that we know and love from weddings dates back to English customs in the 1800s, but is still relevant today. Many couples try and incorporate this into their weddings, along with something new, something old and something borrowed, and whilst you’re racing around, trying to get your big day together, […]
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