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Red, White & Blue GIVEAWAY
  The Fourth of July celebrates the freedom and independence – and it’s a wonderful way to remind you to celebrate your own values which make you the united state of yourself. Your way, your passion, yourself, your valor, purity and justice.  This is why we’re giving away two gorgeous White Gold rings for two […]
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Three Striking Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No doubt about it. Marilyn said so! But… Most of us have more than one friend, right? Many consumers now seek other options to fulfill their engagement ring dream and we are here to tell you about three alternatives you can explore, that are ethical and eco-friendly as well […]
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Yellow! Sapphires and Diamonds
what's the difference between yellow diamond and yellow sapphire
Yellow sapphires come in a wide range of yellows from light to dark and with varying levels of vibrancy. At first glance, yellow sapphire and a yellow diamond may look fairly similar. But there are some major differences between them. Your own preferences, budget, and personal style will be the ones to determine which one […]
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How To Work “Something Blue” Into Your Wedding Day
photo by james bold blue wedding shoes
The whole “something blue” tradition that we know and love from weddings dates back to English customs in the 1800s, but is still relevant today. Many couples try and incorporate this into their weddings, along with something new, something old and something borrowed, and whilst you’re racing around, trying to get your big day together, […]
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