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Engagement Rings with Hollywood Charm

Marriages come and go, but engagement rings are forever…at least in Hollywood. If you’re looking for a piece worthy of the big screen and glamorous celebrities, look no further than the top 5 from our store. 

A Hollywood charm is something that mesmerizes you, makes you wonder and lust over precious materials. A diamond is a girl’s best friend, but so are other stones, one more playful than the next. Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat diamond from Richard Burton and Kim Kardashian’s 15-carat diamond from Kanye West are two examples of engagement rings that have made history. But you can make your own story cinema-worthy with the unique models below.


How to choose the perfect engagement ring

  1. Pay attention to what your lady wants, she will give you hints, or at least investigate something that she likes. Is she into flowers, a special color, does she have beautiful eyes that you can find a green or blue stone to match it?
  2. The perfect engagement ring must match your life – you can wear a 30-carat diamond ring if you’re a celebrity, with bodyguards, but you can’t wear complex models in your day to day life. So, if your fiancé wants something easy to wear, opt for modern, simple, models.
  3. If you know she isn’t into accessories, don’t make the engagement ring a big deal, better invest in a band she will cherish. If she is looking for you to splurge, invest in a quality diamond, a simple cut and setting.




blue sapphire white gold engagement ring

#1 The blue sapphire engagement ring in white gold with art deco design elements is something a royal would wear, like Kate Middleton, but will suit a Hollywood star as well and, well, YOU. Happy ever after looks like a 1.5 carat deep ocean blue precious stone with lots and lots of sparkling diamonds.



camellia jewelry rose gold morganite ring

#2 For those old souls, yet elegant ladies, like Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman, a vintage looking rose gold ring is all they need. It’s romantic and the 2 carat morganite surrounded by diamonds will make it a limited-edition heirloom.


white gold moissanite ring

#3 Young Hollywood stars, like Alexis Bledel or Leighton Meester, will look ravishing wearing a white gold ring with a classic diamond. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a timeless engagement ring.


rose gold aquamarine engagement ring set

#4 Women known for their bubbly and strong identities, like Hollywood actresses Drew Barrymore and Emily Blunt, will love this special aquamarine engagement ring which comes with art deco elements. It has its own personality; it comes with feminine colors and will be a reminder of your love.


black pearl engagement ring camellia jewelry

#5 Last, but not least, we’ve prepared a non-traditional engagement ring option, the black pearl rose gold leaf ring. We’d see it on Hollywood celebrities like Halle Berry or Celine Dion, because pearls are a symbol of style and grace. It’s also perfect as a gift and you can wear it as a modern fashion statement.


We hope these rings have spiked your curiosity – you’re welcome to search the ring of your dreams and style in our collections


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