How to Choose the Perfect Ring Band

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the jewelry choices of this lovely bride and groom. Please be seated so we can take a look over how to choose the perfect wedding band. Joke aside, there are so many rings to pick from it’s hard to make a good choice…in time for the wedding.

It’s said that the modern couple should have the wedding bands ready one month before the big day. It’s also said that couples shouldn’t try on their bands because of bad luck, but bridezillas and groom kongs out there know that’s not a viable option.



Simplify where you can
In order to let you chew on vendors, caterers, photographers, flower girls and obstinate bridesmaids and groomsmen, here are our top pieces of advice to ease the researching process. Before you make an investment, decide on the style and the budget: a simple wedding band and an engagement ring or a bedazzled wedding band.

Once you have this under the belt, the rest of the choices will follow. Do you want diamonds or colorful stones? Are you more interested in a slick white gold band, a two-tone platinum one or you are more into no-fuss classics like a yellow gold band? Maybe something truly unique , such as nature-inspired or vintage-styled?

To make things simple for you, it’s best if you buy all your rings from the same vendor, especially if you want something special and personalized. If you have gold you want to exchange for your new pieces of jewelry or you want to melt older ones this is the right time to be savvy with your money.




The importance of it all
It’s important to take your time, have patience, invest in quality materials – especially when it comes to stones – and size them up correctly. Remember that if you want something engraved that can add another extra month to the whole process.

Of course, these are the main rules, but you know that rules are meant to be broken in today’s world. You can always mix it up and be different if you can’t compromise on the same model: one can wear a white gold band, while the other can opt for rose gold if that’s what you fancy or you can add gold and platinum and make up your own creation. In the end what’s important is that you’re both happy.



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