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Moissanite – An Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Alternative to Diamonds!

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to find sustainable and ethical solutions, and jewelry should be no exception. Although it’s no secret that diamonds aren’t exactly the “poster gem” for being eco friendly, many of us still dream of that classic look and feel they bring. But what if there was a conflict-free alternative? A stone that looked and felt exactly like a diamond, and to top it off  – a fraction of the cost. And no, we’re definitely NOT referring to cubic zirconia. We’re talking about Moissanite! An eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to diamonds.

Moissanite is also a precious stone. First discovered in 1893 by French chemist Henri Moissan, as he was examining mineral samples from a meteor crater. And, this is why moissanite is also sometimes commonly referred to as “a gem born of the stars.” At one time these beauties used to be quite scarce. But, are now made in the majority of jewelry laboratories.

And since they’re developed in labs it obviously has less impact on the environment. And likewise, it leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.  Additionally, unlike diamonds, Moissanites are very eco-friendly. And their history is absent from many of the conflicts that remain a concern to those seeking ethical jewelry options.

Of course, if you still prefer diamonds but want to be friendly to Mother Earth, you can also opt for man-made diamonds, made in the lab and often known as LCD (Lab Created Diamonds) or LGD (Lab Grown Diamonds). These are made with the same base, but in a fast-forward process, vs. the slow and steady way nature usually makes them. 

If you’re looking to be more sustainable with your jewelry this year, Moissanite rings are the best option. You can have them as the main stone, or you can add them to a mix with other colorful gems. And you could even take it a step further and use recycled gold too. There is an abundance of advantages when it comes to choosing Moissanite over diamonds. And if you want to learn more about how they differ, check out our Moissonaite Vs. Diamond post on our blog.


In the meantime be sure to look at the Moissanite collection from Camellia.

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