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Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are Perfect For Eco-Warriors

As well as providing a more affordable alternative to your favorite stones, LGD rings, or lab grown diamond rings, also have a more ethical ethos to them, perfect for those of you that are more environmentally-conscious. Nowadays, people pay more attention to where their purchases come from, and with jewelry, it’s no different…


Lab grown diamonds allow you to have real diamonds at a lower cost, and can cost up to 40% less than naturally sourced diamonds. Labs imitate the natural growing process to produce our favorite stones and achieve spot-on diamonds, chemically and in appearance. The goal is to slowly lower the amount of diamond mining that is going on in the world, which is extremely destructive towards the environment. The less diamonds they find in the mines, the deeper they dig into the earth, which will lead to the destruction of ecosystems and of course, wild habitats. Lab grown diamonds are an alternative which still remains a diamond, you cannot tell the difference between the two!

lab grown diamond jewelry


Diamond mining also effects people – though blood diamonds are rarer nowadays, the industry has dealt with an important number of issues concerning this in the past, and it’s not totally inexistent today, particularly in Africa. Lab grown diamonds allow to slow down this industry and halts opportunities for blood diamonds, and will hopefully in the future provide a safer environment for diamond miners and their families. Despite the Kimberley Process put into place in the Noughties, brands still promoting diamond mining claim to be “conflict-free” although they have no solid evidence of this. Lab free diamonds are the only conflict-free stones.


Today, lab grown diamonds are immensely popular for their message – being eco-friendly and conflict-free. Celebrities such as Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has recently been seen wearing a pair of lab grown diamond earrings, to continue in her eco-friendly fashion, whilst Vogue covered the topic of lab grown diamonds at the end of 2018 – it’s becoming a trend, and not just a temporary one.




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