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Black Wedding Dresses

Tradition is amazing. It gives us roots, a strong base, and solid guidelines, and also – bricks to break. 

Lately, wedding traditions take turns when married couples plan their wedding day to match THEM and not necessarily what is common or traditional.

These days we are all about self-expression, which brings up the question- how can you self express yourself in an event full of rules that don’t match up to your current lifestyle? 

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One of the traditions cast aside is the all-white wedding dress. And by cast aside we mean total abandonment!


Whether it is that you want to plan a super exceptional venue, or you just feel more comfortable wearing black than white- you can find wedding dresses not only with a touch of color, or all colorful dresses, but even- all black wedding gowns. 


source: Elizabeth Dye


source: Maggie Soterro Designs


With that said-  you can’t deny the fact that choosing a wedding dress in such an unanticipated color is an easy way to show your personal sheer style and modern statement, and to make your wedding an unforgettable event. (I mean, who can forget the bride who walked down the aisle in an all-black dress?)


The black color represents elegance, sophistication, and mystery and was actually a very common choice for a wedding dress color back in the early 1800’s when brides chose black for their wedding gowns so it won’t get dirty and will be used for more occasions.

Whatever dress you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in it. We are sure your venue will be “You” and memorable to you and the ones you love, whatever dress you will choose.


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