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Postponed Wedding? Here’s What to Do

postponed wedding cards

Covid-19 got your wedding plan cancelled? Here are some pointers on how to handle postponing a wedding.

It was supposed to be the happiest day in your life, but then came this pandemic and changed everything. This virus affected so many facets of life, including otherwise joyful occasions like weddings. 

While health and safety are the priority at this time, it is still important to acknowledge your feelings and disappointment. The wedding day is a climax of a rather long time of you obsessing over every little detail in your venue and suddenly, nothing is as planned anymore.


When trying to address postponing your venue, it is important to let your vendors know as soon as possible. Your vendors are mostly business owners, who are probably dealing with some changes and uncertainty these days, so try and be patient and understanding while providing them with all the details you have. Remember, they are new to this too and you are probably not the only one cancelling on them now. Also, you may want to know if they are available to secure a future date.




When trying to reschedule -keep an open mind. While your original date may have been a spring May Saturday wedding, the alternative date may not be exactly what you imagined. A winter wedding or getting married on a Monday, might not be the exact vision you had, but there is no reason the venue won’t be as amazing and romantic as you imagined. Flexibility is the key to recover from this change with a positive approach.


After letting your vendors know, and just as you rushed to ask your guests to save your wedding date, it is a common courtesy that you will let your guests know you are changing your plans. 

Tell them about your new plans and give them enough time to make the arrangements needed for them to be able to attend your happy day. Don’t take their response too hard, some will be disappointed with cancelling plans they made or just won’t be as sensitive as you wish. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we go about our daily lives and we’re all learning how to live in these new times.

By the way- If you purchased a wedding insurance, first of all- Wow. You rock. Seriously.

Consult with your agent and check what is covered by the insurance in case of a pandemic. Unfortunately, we are in doubt how helpful it will be, but every plan is different, so who knows. it’s worth checking.


Now take a minute for yourself and your partner. Use your cancelled-wedding-day to do something together and mark this day. Maybe even go on a mini-moon or have a small ceremony with close friends and family. It can be your cancelversary!


We know it’s not easy. You dreamed of this moment for so long and it is just bad luck that the pandemic has affected you like this. But hey, are you healthy? Are your beloved ones safe? There are so many changes around us, so many lives have been affected by this virus, we personally think we should bless on our good fortune and be thankful for what we have. 


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