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Till death do us part -Halloween Weddings

It takes an original, bold bride to set up a Halloween-themed wedding, and we absolutely love the spooky inspiration this special day is bringing!

The end of October is very popular for weddings, due to the fall ambiance, and right before we go off to the long cold winter season. If you schedule your wedding day or minimony (mini-ceremony, as COVID-19 now requires) to Halloween, whether it’s by purpose or just because that’s what’s left, it doesn’t have to be all-black, witches and ghosts, but only with a few subtle spooky elements, you can add without sacrificing style or elegance.


A good way to start is to think of the decor. Halloween theme brings all kinds of goodies as venue options- like a haunted house as your location, Or just an old mansion with some added haunted touch, like candelabras, antique chandeliers, heavy drapes, and dark colors. You can go black and orange, but there are other alternative color palettes perfect for a spine-tingling decoration- fall tones as dark green, brown and burnt orange, or jewel tones like Drame velvet, midnight blue, and smoky grey.

image: wyngrandjupiter instagram


As for the flowers, natural branches—no leaves, or big flower arrangements with dark burgundy or blood-red roses, calla lilies, and dahlias. Dripping candles and ornaments like skulls, black lace, and some pumpkins will close that morbid deal.

halloween wedding ideas

image: Samantha Farmer Photography


Another fun whiff can be a table with buckets full of chocolate bars, for a trick or treat bit and bite, or an all-black high wedding cake with dark and fantastic decorations.

And the ultimate dash- The bride and groom. Like the Corpse Bride look? You can be more subtle choosing lace, tulle, long sleeves, merged with dark and heavy, rich jewels, all will give that honorable vintage and styled wanted look. Black wedding dresses are trendy and it’s a great reason to wear one if you want the minimal touch. The Groom can be Halloweened with a puff tie, a burgundy velvet jacket, or standout cufflinks or pocket square. The extra brave brides can go with an all-black stunning look and makeup for the full macabre.  

You will surely be remembered as one of the most original couples, that are not afraid of showing their uniqueness by choosing a date like Halloween for their wedding and also owning it with appropriate style.



Photos: Jami Laree ,  IG



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