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Get Ready for Valentine’s Day 2020 (with a gift from us!)

According to Amex report from 2016, nearly six million couples are likely to get engaged on Valentine’s Day. And yet, proposing on Valentine’s Day is tricky. On one hand, it’s the most romantic day of the year – and your partner might be waiting for something different than a box of bonbons or a succulent bouquet. But then, on the other hand, proposing on Valentine’s Day may be perceived as cliche.

We are all in favor of un-cliche-ing that romantic date, with any element of surprise. It can be a “Marry Me” message written on the bathroom’s mirror so it’s the first thing she sees in the morning, and it can be a fairytale animation movie done just for her. There are so many ideas and it’s really up to you. What we can help you with, apart from choosing the ring, of course, is to add another element of surprise – when you purchase on our site, you get a free Valentine’s Day gift from us – so you could keep the surprises coming!

For every purchase of $1,000 and above, we’re giving you a pair of delicate and luxurious 14K white gold flower diamond stud earrings – they’ll make a great story for your grandkids;

And for every purchase of $3,000 and above, we’re giving you a stunning 14K white gold key pendant – beautiful and symbolic, she will never take it off.



Get ready for a Happy and emotional V-Day!


*offer is valid until Feb 14, 2020.

* You can choose the metal color of your earrings/pendant – 14K white or Yellow or Rose gold for your choice.

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