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Color palettes – 6 rings based on international wedding locations

If you’re a globe-trotter at heart or you want to match your engagement ring to a special location, then this guide is for you! We’ve drawn inspiration from the color palettes of 6 rings and matched them to international wedding locations. Because sometimes just looking at jewelry that reminds you of a special place can be more fun than buying a plane ticket… 


Tuscany x the Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring Set

Tuscany is located in the central part of Italy. Its capital Florence is known for art and architecture. But, Tuscany is known for its relaxing vibes, good wine, and romantic sunsets. In order to represent Tuscany, we chose the Yellow Sapphire engagement ring. This ring has a silky setting in 14k rose gold, which is sure to make your better half think of dancing beneath the stars.


wedding in Tuscany color palette




Santorini x the Halo Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Santorini is part of the Greek Cyclades Islands. It’s known for its white and blue architecture, amazing food and friendly people. For this destination, we picked the Halo Aquamarine engagement ring, set in 14k white gold. This is a ring that would make its wearer feel like a goddess.




Las Vegas x the art deco ruby engagement ring

Also known as the the Marriage Capital of the World! This is a destination everyone should try at least once in their lives.  Las Vegas is certainly not, it’s a bold city booming with action. And so, we’ve chosen none other than the Art Deco Ruby engagement ring in a vintage setting – it’s big, it’s shiny and it screams FABULOUS!

Art Deco Ruby Gemstone Ring Ruby Engagement Ring



Hawaii x the Victorian Topaz Engagement Ring

Located on the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is truly nature’s gem. Surrounded by lagoons, filled with greenery, it’s both an exotic and a romantic place. In celebration of this unique destination, we’ve chosen a special Victorian Topaz engagement ring, set in 14k white gold, to say Aloha with love (AloVa?!)

victorial topaz engagement ring



Paris x the Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

The most romantic city in the world, where art, fashion, architecture, gastronomy, and culture meet. For this unique combination, we’ve chosen a Classic Natural Diamond as an engagement ring in a 14K white gold setting. A ring that maintains its classic beauty with love in its details.



Bali x the Pear Cut Emerald Engagement Ring Set

Bali is an island in Indonesia known for volcanic mountains, sandy beaches, and adventurous coral reefs. And while it is a place full of greenery, yoga and relaxation, there are also exciting sunrises and dangerous creatures. And so, for this destination, we’ve chosen a Pear Cut Emerald Engagement Ring Set, set in 14k two-tone gold. 

Pear Cut Engagement Ring Set



Want to do some more window shopping? Check out our online shop to see more destination-worthy rings. And don’t forget to let us know which one’s your favorite in the comments below


[image credit: Pexels]

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