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Colorful Weddings

Over the centuries, colors have played crucial roles in celebrations and events. Wondering why weddings are now a celebration of colors? It is because of the tremendous effect of these priceless gems. This article is designed as a beginner guide to colorful weddings…

Why should I have a colorful wedding?

A colorful wedding brings together bright vibrant colors and bright colors carry life and fun.

What is the most important factor when planning a colorful wedding?

Color. As with the word “colorful” itself, a colorful wedding feeds on color.


How do I Plan a Colorful Wedding?

Here are some points we’ve found helpful with planning a colorful wedding…


Choose a color range

While you want to have a colorful wedding, you don’t want your venue to look like World Color War 1. You could choose a few bright colors and go well together. Then, build around these colors, an element per time.


Use colorful invitations

A great way to set the tone for a colorful wedding is to send out colorful invites. A colorful invite will not only prepare the guest for the event to come but will also align the chosen color themes from start.

[source: Guestbook Envy]


Adopt bright furniture

A colorful wedding is an overall effect of numerous elements, the furniture being a major piece. Using bright-colored furniture is an assured way to splash a bit of color into your event. Plus, colored and comfortable furniture pieces are great for pictures too.


Bring in the floral

An easy way to bring life and color to your event is to use flowers.  As with fabrics and home décor, brightly colored flowers bring in life and fun.  Hence, using flowers at your wedding will undoubtedly enhance the colorful outlook.

Small vases with brightly colored flowers are great options for long reception tables. Alternatively, you could simply use a flower wall.

[Source: Texture Florals]


Color the table

When planning a colorful wedding, every piece of furniture counts.

Color your tables with brightly colored linens, tablecloths, and napkins. Consider using colorful cups and plates. Have every piece on your tables bring in some color and your venue would be looking like a peaceful home of exciting colors in no time.


Serve colored drinks and food items

Again, every element matters. If you’re gunning for a colorful wedding, your wedding cake doesn’t have to be plain. You should have your cake made in fun colors. An alternative way to splash color on a plain cake is to have colorful fruits and flowers around it.


With colorful weddings, the little elements we often ignore go a long way. Have the little details bear fun colors and your wedding will be looking like a feast of colors in no time.


[Main photo – the amazing We Heart Pictures]


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