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Yellow! Sapphires and Diamonds

what's the difference between yellow diamond and yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphires come in a wide range of yellows from light to dark and with varying levels of vibrancy. At first glance, yellow sapphire and a yellow diamond may look fairly similar. But there are some major differences between them. Your own preferences, budget, and personal style will be the ones to determine which one is the better option for the engagement ring of your dreams.

Here’s a quick guide to the unique qualities of each:


Shades & Features

We already know diamonds come in a range of colors. From blue to black, from pink to brown, and of course yellow! A yellow diamond (also known as a canary diamond) can range in color from a pale to deep vibrant shades. Yellow diamonds have an undeniable allure that has fueled their popularity for decades. Fortunately, yellow diamonds are also among the most widely encountered. Which typically makes them more affordable than other colored diamonds.

Sapphires (which are often associated with blue – and pink) also come in a range of yellow tones. From light to dark, some featuring orange undertones, or even intensive greenish tones. The one consistency is that the brighter and purer the yellow color, the more valuable the sapphire.



Both sapphires and diamonds are durable. Sapphires are rated a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. While diamonds are rated a perfect 10. So, even though sapphires are resistant to scratches and other types of damage, diamonds are still the better choice when it comes to durability. You should also know that the color of some yellow sapphires may fade over time if exposed to heat and sunlight for long durations. 


As we continue to see colors and personalized choices make the trends in engagement rings and bridal jewelry – yellow certainly makes its mark as a striking choice. Both in yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires.


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