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Four Things You Should Know About Lab Created Diamonds

A perfect diamond piece should be pure, bright, with a clean history that cannot be questioned from origin to acquisition. If you were only familiar with the Natural diamond up until now, behold – for this is the day you’d meet its perfect alternative – the Lab created diamonds.

Lab Created Diamonds


As their name suggests, Lab Created Diamonds are manufactured in laboratories under conditions that perfectly mimic the natural diamond-forming process. Lab Grown Diamonds have similar physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. In fact, even industry experts can’t tell them apart without the aid of special equipment that scans for crystal patterns and impurities.  They are technically natural diamonds without impurities, environmental degradation, and uncertainties. There are numerous reasons why lab made diamonds are a suitable replacement for natural diamonds. Here are a few of them:


Greater purity and improved quality

Say hello to the brighter twin!

Lab Grown Diamonds are purer than their natural counterparts due to the absence of impurities and dirt found in mined diamonds. They also have fewer blemishes since they were carefully prepared under favorable conditions. Hence, they are brighter and better than mined diamonds. Lab engineered diamonds are certified, giving you important information on Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight, and more.


lab created diamond IGI report

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Guaranteed Origins

Often, a detailed journey path cannot be drawn for mined diamonds as the specific origin can be vague. We at Camellia Jewelry use only with conflict-free diamonds, but unfortunately, while shopping elsewhere, some diamonds have dark backgrounds, coming from conflict regions where they’ve been sold to fund war and promote chaos. But, the journey of lab-created diamonds from origin to acquisition can be known. Therefore, the only way to ascertain the origin of your diamonds is to purchase synthetic diamonds.


Affordable Diamond Jewelry

Lab made diamonds are not only purer than their natural counterparts but are also more affordable. Costing less than half the price of mined diamonds, they also come in a variety of natural-diamond colors, such as pink! This means you can really buy the ring of your dreams without having to compromise on the budget.



Mining natural diamonds can damage the earth extensively. Diamond mines are some of the largest holes ever dug in the earth as enormous amounts of fossil fuels with heavy machinery are required to extract the gemstones. The Mirny Diamond Mine, the second largest hole in the earth, is almost a mile wide in diameter and about 525 meters deep. Lab diamonds, on the other hand, present none of these issues. With man-made diamonds, you could rock your diamond pieces and have Mother Nature smiling at you all day for conserving her resources.


With CVD diamonds, you can never go wrong. You have a natural diamond in its purer, brighter, Eco-friendly, and sustainable form for less than half its price. Synthetic diamonds are a girl’s better friends!




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