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5 Wedding Accessories With a Twist

If you feel you’ve seen it all when browsing through bridal magazines or Pinterest boards – we know the feeling. Everything kind of looks the same at the end, so what would make your appearance stand out and truly be unforgettable? We’ve got the solution. Wedding accessories with a twist! They’re special, they’re a great way to make a minimal dress pop, and they also make a perfect way to change your look during the event, instead of a total dress change.

Check our recommendations for utterly unique wedding accessories:



Yes, cape. Not just for superheroes, but also for brides who are looking modern alternatives to the traditional veil. Bridal capes are definitely statement-making, from ultra-glam to the demure ones. There are so many options to choose from, with so many styles, colors, fabrics, and embellishments – pearls, sequins, feathers and more.

terani couture palmer cape

Terani Couture Palmer Cape


eden luxe bridal capes

Eden Luxe Bridal


jenny peckham bridal cape

Jenny Peckham



Shoulder necklace

Bridal shoulder necklaces add a glam, wow-factor to your bridal look, putting a twist on the traditional statement necklaces (or being THE statement necklaces of them all). These include bridal shoulder jewelry pieces, jewelry capelets, and crystal boleros, ideal for strapless and off-the-shoulder gowns.

sara gabriel shoulder necklace

Sara Gabriel


Boucheron Cape de Lumiere (super expensive, but oh so gorgeous)



Macramé Wedding Veil

If you love the Boho look, with its handcrafted feel and sense of flow, then a macramé wedding veil is a perfect bridal accessory that will surely turn your guests’ heads.

macrame wedding veil



Wedding Shoe Decals

Finding the perfect wedding shoes are as important as finding the perfect dress. They have to be comfortable, to fit, to go with the wedding dress or theme. Wedding shoe stickers are a great way to upgrade the shoes you have, to decorate the soles of your shoes for the walk down the aisle, and to add an extra touch of personalization to your special event.

bridal shoe decals

Royal Brides




Hoop Bouquets

Half-floral arrangements, half-accessories – the wedding bouquets are a blooming trendy take on the bride’s, bridesmaids, and even flower girls bouquets, (and they also make a gorgeous decor option). Classic, rustic, tropical, leafy, based on dried flowers, cascading or minimal- the options are endless also with this accessory. They’re way more practical – since they can be carried easily, and it’s going to be much easier to catch the bride’s bouquet that way!

hoop bouquets

Tracey Reinolds Flower Design  |  Photos by Erin H. Photography


dried flowers hoop bouquet

Blair Bailey Designs


What’s your favorite of them all?



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