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What’s the Difference Between a Blue Sapphire and a Pink Sapphire?

The sapphire is typically known as a blue gemstone. Both sapphires and rubies are derived from the mineral known as corundum, which naturally occurs in a multitude of colors depending on which transition metals are present in its structure. When blue, it’s a sapphire and when red it’s a ruby. ” In addition to this, there are “Parti Sapphires” which feature two tones, all other colors (including pink) of gem-quality corundum are known as “Fancy Sapphires.”

Pink sapphires were considered incredibly rare until discovery of new deposits occurred in the late 1990’s. Today they are still considered rare but are more widely available and increasing in popularity. One of the more notorious and expensive being the Padparadscha sapphire which can cost 20,000 per carrot! However, in general, they are far less expensive than pink diamonds, although prices for the pink sapphire do tend to fluctuate depending on the color, carat, and cut.

Pink Sapphires shades range anywhere from soft ballerina slipper pink to bold magentas. As of late, the pink sapphire has caught the attention of both Hollywood and royalty, and the trend has reached the mainstream of brides to be who are inspired by incorporating soft feminine or floral tones for a unique twist to that pretty in pink theme. Regardless, of which you choose Camellia has a few new additions that will hopefully inspire you for your own Pretty in Pink themed engagement ring.

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