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The Wedding Ring Guide

wedding ring guide

Now the amazing proposal is done and dusted, now you have to get started on planning the wedding, and ultimately, finding the perfect wedding ring for your loved one. You want something as amazing as your special day will be, something that will make them squeal with delight and represent your love for one another.

With that in mind, you may feel a little nervous about going ring shopping. Choosing the engagement ring was stressful enough but the wedding ring is a whole different scenario. Read on to discover our guide to buying the most stunning wedding ring.


1. Set a Budget

Setting your budget will clearly help you narrow down your selection. It will help you see what you can get for your money – what is achievable and what isn’t. It’s also important to set a budget in case you want any added extras such as engravings for example. Alternatively, you can design your own band for something extra special.


2. The Perfect Match

Carefully matching your wedding ring to your engagement ring, especially in terms of metals, is such a chic look. Your other half will love the fact that your rings are color, or in this case, metal-coordinated.


3. Lifestyle Matters

Taking into account someone’s lifestyle when purchasing a ring is very important. You both are going to wear these rings every single day, so if they have a more hands-on job or are a musician, then the comfort fit with rounded edges and beading to facilitate taking it off will be the perfect ring. If your future bride or groom leads a very active lifestyle, then it is even more important to opt for durable metals such as platinum, and doesn’t show wear and tear as much as its fellow metals.



4. Go for Timeless

As they are going to wear this ring everyday for years to come, you have to get it right. More timeless cuts and effortless gemstones will make you continue to want to wear it. Though of course the ring can be altered, do choose something that you won’t fall out of love with.


unique wedding rings camellia


5. Get the Right Size

Try on the ring and check it is the right size before the big day, nothing will be more awkward than a ringing slipping off the bride’s finger! Though fingers do swell from all sorts of weather conditions and other circumstances, you need to not give yourself too much room, otherwise you’ll lose your beloved ring in minutes! Check our full Ring Size Guide here


6. Quality Control

Get an expert to look at the rings and make sure they will stand the tests of time. They need to be durable, after all, you’re going to be wearing it from now up until the end of time. Check that your ring is made from high-quality materials and remember the 4C’s! As we mentioned earlier, platinum is one of the most durable metals, along with white gold and tungsten carbide, and make sure the metal is verified!





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