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The Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining Your Ring

We all long for our rings to keep that glisten and shine that captured our hearts during the proposal or at the wedding ceremony. We want them to remain as clean, stunning and elegant as that very first day. Cleaning your ring doesn’t have to be a chore, or an expense, it is in fact quite easy, and it’s a good thing to create a weekly routine to keep it dazzling and eye-catching.

Engagement and wedding rings are the most quickly to get clogged up by everyday life – dust and dirt, washing up liquid, beauty products… so many things can cause havoc and make your ring lifeless and dull.


Want to know how to clean your rings and keep them extravagant? Read on to discover our top tips…


1. Know your metal

Each individual metal has its own way of cleaning it, obvious though it may sound, a commercial silver cleaner may make your gold ring’s condition worse. Also pay attention to the gemstone, and that may require specific care too. If you aren’t that savvy, ask an expert to have a look and let you know what you ring is made up for, crisis averted!



2. Know what NOT to use

Ahhh, the internet, the place full of tips, tricks and tutorials to help you with everyday life, but can you always believe what you read? No matter how many websites tell you this, never, and I repeat, never, try to clean your jewelry with harsh products such as toothpaste, bleach or baking soda. The chemicals in these products can damage the metals and gemstones in your ring. The most bizarre tutorial we found was using ketchup – please use specially designed products for your jewelry, and not odd household items, these “life hacks” may save you time, but using the correct products will save you money in the long run (and disappointment)!



3. Good old soap and water

If you are reluctant to purchase the fancy metal cleaners you see online and in store, then the most efficient and safest way to wash your ring is with soap and water. This method works on all metal and gemstone types. Just fill a small bowl with warm water and add basic dishwashing soap before leaving your ring in there for 20 to 40 minutes. Then rinse to get rid of any residue.



4. Choose your products wisely!

If you are opting for a metal cleaner, then read what’s on the box. You want something non-abrasive with very little chemicals to not let your ring lose its shine. Shine Bright is renowned for its gentle approach to your jewelry all whilst getting off all that grime and dirt that you may have put it through.



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