The Engagement Ring Guide

Planning to surprise your loved one with a proposal? Amongst all the crucial decisions of where, when and how, you also need to think of the key part – the ring! You need something that will dazzle and amaze them, something to be as brilliant as the love you share. Make them feel as giddy as you still are whenever you lay eyes on them.


If purchasing the ring seems just as daunting as proposing, then you may need some help. That’s where we come in – here is our guide on how to find the perfect engagement ring.


1. Plan a Budget

Of course, apart from all the aesthetics of the ring, you need to think about a budget and study what you could get for it. You can explore the wide range of rings available and which gem stones and shapes you can opt for.

FYI – there is no minimum amount, pick something that feels special to you and your partner, and something that makes them swoon doesn’t have to cost you a year’s wages! Anything you have picked out for them and thought about will be extremely romantic.



2. Do Your Research

Search high and low for the right jeweler who can create the ring of dreams, or search the net for the brands that have the most romantic and elegant rings for you to choose from. Discover all styles and look up their significations to see which one represents your love perfectly.

Your research and thought will surprise your loved one and touch them all the more. A unique design will make their heart flutter with delight!



3. Study Your Metals

Look carefully at all the different kinds of metals – of course no two metals are the same, so make sure to study the subtle differences between them all. Will you opt for rose gold or will you prefer yellow or white gold? Research your loved one’s style to find out which metals they generally go for, attention to detail is key!



4. Study Your Stones

The same goes with diamonds and gemstones – and signification is even more important here! For example, diamonds represent everlasting love, emeralds represent beauty, love and fidelity and opals represent love, passion and desire. Find a stone with a message that truly defines your relationship, they will love the hidden meaning.



5. Find Out Their Ring Size

Last but not least, finding out their ring size is crucial! You need to have a sneaky look at their jewelry collection or find a clever way of measuring their ring size without them knowing the plan! Nothing is more perfect than an engagement ring you can slip onto their finger straight after the proposal!


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