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Retro Cars in Weddings Trend

While the wedding car has always featured in wedding photographs, retro cars and classics now seem to be the in-thing. If you’re wondering what all the rave about retro wedding cars is, this article is crafted to get you in the know.


What Makes Retro Cars Great Wedding Cars?

Great feeling

An elegant retro wedding car will assuredly give you the fairytale feeling. Little wonder it is a fast-rising trend. Retro cars are great to add excitement and spark to the wedding. Plus, you are bound to remember the special day you drove your bride across town in a shimmering retro car.



If you’re looking for a way to bring an aesthetic touch to your wedding, a retro car is a safe way to go. Plus, retro cars look exquisite in pictures.



The show-stopping retro cars are perfect elements to reinforce your wedding theme.


They are unique

Having a retro wedding car is one way to stand out on your wedding day. They account for a statement-making entrance. Retro cars bring in color, fun and a nostalgic feel to your wedding. It is a sure way to have your guests focused on you as you arrive at your wedding venue.




How Do I Select the Right Retro Wedding Car?

Here are a few points to help you choose the perfect retro wedding car when selecting your wedding car.


Couple’s Outfit

As with choosing accessories, it is important that you consider the couple’s outfits and choose a car that suits it.


Wedding Color and Theme

Ensure that you select a car that matches the color scheme of your wedding and is in tune with the wedding concept. Your wedding car should reinforce your wedding theme, not look out of place.


What Will Be Done Thereafter 

Remember it is first a car. It is always a great choice to choose a car that suits your movement arrangements for the day. Considering the wedding venue and season is also a plus when choosing wedding cars.


Choose a well-known, professional leasing company

Where possible, go with a well-known car-leasing company. This way, you get quality information about the car you’re about to rent or purchase.


Set out early enough

Setting out early offers you ample time to consider numerous choices and make the best decision. Plus, if you’re renting a car, it affords you enough time to check the car in advance (a must-do when renting wedding cars).



In wet or cold seasons, you should book yourself a car that keeps you comfortably dry and has an effective heater.


It is your day and whatever you choose will reflect your style!



Featured photos: Filiz Mehmed on Unsplash ,Scott Webb on Unsplash





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