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Our Top 5 Movie Proposals of All Times

movie proposal

Don’t you just love a romantic movie?

When you start planning your dreamy wedding proposal, it’s a good idea to go get some inspo from the greatest love stories of Hollywood. All the great screenwriters already did all the hard work of thinking about the perfect romantic and creative proposals, so why not use them?!


Whether you’re waiting for your SO to pop the question, or just in the mood for some loving, it’s always fun to remember these romantic, cheesy, emotional love stories. Believe us, it wasn’t easy to pick our 5 favorites for this list. It took a lot of tissue paper and a lot of “ Ohhhhh❤️”s from our team, but we’ve put together some extra emotional and all-time-favorite list of 5 top movie proposals :


Love Actually

We just had to start with this pearl, a movie filled with romantic magic moments that climax to the wedding proposal where Jamie professes his love for Aurelia in Portuguese, as her entire town looks on and cheers. 




Pride and Prejudice

Oh gosh, is there a list of romantic movies without Jane Austen?!

The breathtaking period scenery, unbelievable accent and lingo, beautiful cast, pouring rain, and almost everything in this movie just says romance all over it.  The second proposal of Darcy to Elizabeth just gets us goosebumps.  

And we just love, we love, we love this movie!



My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Just a sweet, private, and intimate moment is sometimes all you need, to create the perfect romantic atmosphere and just ask someone to marry. Ian asks Toula to marry him in bed, with no big gestures or pretentious manner. Just the two of them, in a beautiful shared loving moment. 

We don’t know how to say this…will you marry us? 



Sex and the City

Don’t get us started on Mr. Big.

But in the end, when it’s just Big and Carrie in that big empty apartment they never moved into and he gets down on one knee and calls her out loud “the love of his life”, there was a sigh of relief from around the world- Thank god! 

And then he closed the deal with the shoe… Classic!



Gone With the Wind

Even though Scarlette wasn’t in the mood for romance (to say the least) Rhett made up his mind! Scarlet is grieving over her husband but Rhett thinks it’s a good time to declare his love, waiting to catch Scarlet “between husbands”. 

“I made up my mind that you were the only woman for me the first day I saw you”.

Come on how can you say no to that?!

This is what we call an honorable proposal of marriage, made at what we consider a poor moment, But still Awfully Romantic.

Also- Clark Gable.




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