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How To Work “Something Blue” Into Your Wedding Day

The whole “something blue” tradition that we know and love from weddings dates back to English customs in the 1800s, but is still relevant today. Many couples try and incorporate this into their weddings, along with something new, something old and something borrowed, and whilst you’re racing around, trying to get your big day together, the thought of finding something blue for your big day may just seem like another chore on the growing list of to-dos.

It doesn’t need to be a chore though, especially with a push in the right direction. Read on to discover our favorite ways of getting your “something blue” into your wedding day. No need to thank us!


The Engagement Ring

This is probably one of the most hassle-free options – you will blind your guests with a beautiful sapphire engagement ring and of course, its signification – purity and truth. A Camellia ring with two-toned detailing embellished with diamonds and of course the sapphire stone being the center piece is an incredible way of doing something blue in an elegant and timeless fashion.




The Shoes

You have to find spectacular shoes to go with your spell-binding dress, and these satin-like strappy heels are the perfect solution. In a pastel shade, they will compliment your white dress beautifully and will keep the look chic and stunning. We love the jewel embellishments that make them seem like something straight out of a fairytale. Cinderella would approve!

[image: Asos]


The Bouquet

If incorporating blue into your wedding is a complicated concept, then why not opt for a blue bouquet. Blue flowers will look glorious on a sunny day at the reception as they would do in a winter wedding under a few snowflakes. Tying the bouquet together with a blue velvet ribbon just finishes it off beautifully and the two different blues complement each other.

[image: Southern Living]



The Garters

Another subtle but sexy way of getting a bit of blue into your special day is with your own garter. The embellishments are a way of making them that extra special and the cool silver against the ice blue just works! And hey – at least you and your special someone know that you’ve got something blue on!

[image: mamie and james]



The Wedding Cake

You don’t have to just incorporate blue into your outfit – there are so many different ways of getting blue into your big day. For example, your wedding cake! This vintage-style cake with ice blue icing looks almost too good to eat – I said almost!

gradient blue wedding cake

[image: fayecahill]



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