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How To Create A Great Gatsby-Inspired Wedding

great gatsby themed wedding

If you’re in love with the roaring 20’s as much as we are, then having a theme for your special day could be a solution. Having a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding can be an original, yet elegant twist on an important occasion – think jazz music, the Charleston and feather and bejeweled headdresses.

We have hunted down inspiration high and low for jaw-dropping Great Gatsby weddings worthy of something from a film from the 20’s.


The Decor

Making sure the décor is on-point is important, it will be the constant feature in all your wedding photo and you have to make sure it’s atmospheric and stunning. The way to get a bit of Great Gatsby magic into the mix is with plenty of chandelier-inspired lights, round tables and plenty of fairy lights. We love the look of this outdoor venue – and the checkered floor that acts as the dance floor is very retro and makes us want to celebrate!

great gatsby inpired wedding decor

[image source]


The Invites

Tease the theme of your wedding to your guests with these dramatic black and gold invitations. With the geometric prints that are reminiscent of the whole Great Gatsby vibe, guests will be sure to understand the dress code for your special day. This will definitely be an invite that will take its pride and place on the fridge door!

[image source]


The Dress

Of course, then you need to get dreaming of your future dress. A vintage-style dress with embellishments and lace panels will look vintage but chic. Then you need to finish the look off with a bejeweled head dress to make it feel very 20’s.

great gatsby inspired wedding dress

[image source]


The Hair

A 20’s-style bun is elegant but simple, the extravagant curls will add volume to your hair and the hairstyle will allow you to show off elegant back details to your dress or showcase your favorite jewelry. The low bun is still effortless despite its sophistication and can even be worn by a guest for its simplicity.

great gatsby wedding hair styles

[image source]


The Bouquet

It’s all here. The glitz, glamour and luxury in this most beautiful wedding bouquet we’ve ever seen – you’d definitely think twice before tossing this one. You can always opt for shower or sheath bouquets, or add some feathers for a flapper inspired feel, or choose dark Cala lilies or dusky shade roses.

art deco bridal bouquet

[image source]



The Ring

Last on the list would be a vintage jewelry inspired by the 1920s, an Art Deco beauty. THE ring.



Super stylish ways you can incorporate a little bit of jazz into your special day…




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