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Denim & Weddings

The conventional look for weddings in most cities remains the traditional white wedding dress and tuxedo. However, many couples have defiled this norm and established a new trend of denim-themed weddings. This article is designed to answer frequently asked questions on Denim and Weddings…


What weddings can denim be worn to?

While jeans are not commonly accepted outfits in most cities, you could make it the wanted outfit for yours. Have a denim-themed wedding and denim can be worn to your wedding.


Why wear denim to my wedding

Well, why not? Here are a few reasons why you might consider wearing denim on your big day…


Endless options

Denim provides endless options of styles and a wide range of possibilities. Available in different styles and colors, you have numerous options to pick from for your big day.



Denim is a long-lasting fabric. Originally designed as fabrics for work clothes, they could sometimes last for up to a decade. This means that you can wear your dress time and time again after your wedding making it a great investment. It is the only fabric that offers this much durability.



From faded to very deep colors, denim is available across different saturations. So, you can select a shade you prefer. Denim can be carefully tailored to include detailed embroidery designs and prints. So whether you want the “simple and classy” look or you aim for the “bold and beautiful” trend, it’s great for both.



Not only is denim durable but it is also a comfortable material. With the wide variety of brands, it is easy to find comfortable jeans. You could also have your outfits custom-made for you.


Easy to maintain

Unlike other fabrics that require consistent washing and delicate care, denim is much easier to maintain. Denim is the least difficult of clothing materials to maintain though the attention required might vary depending on your dress.


Wrinkle resistant

While you want to look great at your wedding, you don’t want to spend ages on laundry and ironing. Not only is the denim durable but it is also wrinkle resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about ironing after every wash.



Denim is a perfect base for most outfits and pairing them with accessories is not only fun but extremely easy. Take your denim wedding dress a step higher with the right jewelry. Diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires? With denim, all is a perfect match.



But I want to wear a wedding gown

You could wear a denim wedding gown if you so delight.  Here are a few denim gowns…





If you want to take this trend in smaller bites…

You can always start with an accessory or two such as this gorgeous denim brooch …



… or the wedding denim jackets trend!






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