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Customized Wedding Shoes

The role of your wedding shoes on the D-day cannot be overemphasized. You walk, dance, sit, eat … with your footwear on the entire time. Little wonder we now have customized wedding shoes designed to suit individual tastes and fashion, and we’re super excited about it!

Having your wedding shoes custom-made is a winning combination of comfort and style. You get to decide what you want to wear, and you can easily upgrade even the looks of the most boring-yet-super-comfy orthopedic shoe. Take a look at some of the ideas here:


Get married in your favorite sneakers – just add a pop of color or a custom pattern. You have to take a look at Kehoecustoms’ account to see her handpainted Nikes.

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Another cool bridal sneakers option is Chuck Taylor Converse wedding shoes. Though you can’t really fully-customized them, they make a cool alternative to the traditional wedding shoes for both the bride and groom.


We just can’t get enough of Figgi’s personalized wedding shoes. Tattoesque-style, handpainted illustrations full of details and amazing style!


Ellie Wren Wedding Shoes offers a variety of customization and personalization options – from the shoe colors to details, fabric, and texts on the soles.




Before you start looking for your customized wedding shoes, two important tips:

Set out early
Avoid the last-minute rush. Starting early allows you ample time to consider numerous options and put all vital factors into consideration before making your decision. Plus, having everything in place as soon as possible helps you avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with hurried decisions.

Consider your wedding location
Don’t get carried away with the beauty of the sleek pair. Have a footwear fit for your wedding location.


What’s your dream customized wedding shoe?







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