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A Look Into Our Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings Collection

White gold is the most popular choice when it comes to any jewelry but rose gold engagement rings are gaining a lot of popularity. You will find this metal in classic shapes, you can reinvent an old stone with its help, and you can get a personalized item that will make “I DO” history. Unique rose gold engagement rings for the modern bride are here to stay!

With its home base in Russia – the “Russian Gold” is a mix of yellow gold and copper , this precious material adds something special, feminine and glamorous, a dramatic vibe if you want to call it, to any wearer – and it’s not just a matter of a passing trend. A non-traditional bride will likely opt for rose gold pieces that will add color and iconic shapes to her look.

pink sapphire rose gold engagement ring

One of the biggest advantages of rose gold lays in its versatility. You can wear it with other materials, like white and yellow gold, or platinum, but you can also wear it with different types of stones – from classic diamonds or pearls, to stylish pink sapphires, burgundy rubies or purple amethyst gemstones.


The rose gold setting compliments a lot of colorful stones and even a combination of different shades in one piece – it’s the perfect metal that comes in different shades from light pink to red. Rose gold jewelry – be it engagement rings, bands, earrings, bracelets, watches or necklaces – is romantic and you can wear it easily in day or night looks.

rose gold blue diamond anniversary ring

A rose gold accent makes a great gift, not only as an engagement ring. It’s a popular trend these days to opt for designs with ruby stones as a “push gift”, to celebrate an anniversary, graduation, love or any other great event. If you’re going for a present instead of an engagement ring or a wedding band, take it one step further with futuristic designs and fashionable diamond cuts like the half moon. But if you’re going for a timeless engagement ring, play with traditional diamond cuts like princess, round and emerald.

black diamond engagement ring set

In the end, rose gold is for everybody who hasn’t liked wearing gold until now. It’s fresh and a great alternative that flatters all skin tones. You can’t beat living life in pink. And while you’re there, celebrate with some bubbly rose!


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