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5 Unique Engagement Rings

So you’re going to pop the question? Congratulations! Other than plucking up the courage, finding the ideal location and ringing up the future parents-in-law, you also need to find a ring that will make them fall in love a second time! This doesn’t mean a rock the size of a fist, but you can find unique and interesting rings that they won’t have seen anywhere else – something that will make the moment even more special.


A Black Diamond

black diamond engagement ring 

It is very rare to find someone wearing an engagement ring with a black diamond – but why not? The way it hits the light and glistens still makes it a glorious ring to wear to celebrate the life-changing moment. Opt for a gold band – black and gold make a powerful duo and will make for a stunning engagement ring. If their vibe is a bit edgy and rock and roll, and they’re not one to follow the crowd, then this could be THE ring for them!


Vintage Vibes

Vintage is in, so a vintage ring could be the perfect and trendy touch to your proposal. They will stand the tests of time and have an even more romantic aspect to them. They also have a distinctive feel to them, we personally love ones that are inspired by the Art Deco movement like this one. So much extravagance in a simple ring!


Raw Stone Rings

[image: by angeline]

Who said everything had to be absolutely perfect? Raw stone engagement rings allow you to see the stone just how nature made it, it provides a beautiful ring and interesting shapes – with this type, no two rings are the same, so it is well and truly unique. Just pick their favorite stone and allow its simplicity to do the talking.



Ornate Rings

[image: melroso]

Ornate rings are the latest trend but still are a unique way for you to express your love. It is a different way to display the stones and will allow you to find a show-stopper they will never have seen before. Vintage meets modernity with these kinds of engagement rings. The designs are truly breath-taking!


Splash of Color

Don’t be afraid to step out of traditions and explore the world of colorful engagement rings. A bold stone shade is the way to win their heart – sapphire or emeralds make a stunning change to the norm, and play with gold and rose gold bands to help them shine all the more.



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