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5 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes

It used to be the case that a wedding cake was an absolute essential on the wedding-day-event list, but times have changed and nowadays we see (and LOVE) gorgeous, yummy, surprising wedding cake alternatives. Gluten-free, sugar-free, cake-free… they’re all there, and we’ve picked some of the real surprising ones to share with you:


I Love You Brie Much

No sweet tooth? No problem. Wedding cheese cakes (not cheesecakes, cheese cakes!) and cheese boards There are plenty of savory wedding cake options out there. You’d be surprised to know just how much cheese and cheese plates are a huge trend these days – so why not bring this deliciousness to your special day?

cheese wheels cake

[photo: Tomkat Studio]


Slice Slice Baby

Someone to love us like we love pizza. And we’re not alone here, you know that. Take this endless, unconditional love (well, pineapple might change that) and turn it into a pizza wedding cake. Your guests will always remember that you both share a pizza of your heart.

[photo: @toddgoodphoto]


Rice Krispies Cake

Rice Kripsies treats wedding cake surely brings back childhood favorites into your special day. Your guests’ emotions of nostalgia and memories of childhood delight, will be a wonderful addition to a past-meets-future kind of moment.

rice kripspies cake

[source: Pinterest]


Pancakes and Waffles Cakes

Talking about childhood memories in the previous section made us look for other breakfast table wedding cake alternatives, and we’ve found this yummy version of breakfast waffles wedding cake. Perfect for current Brunch Weddings, we kind of want to get married and buried in this cake.

[photo: @WaffleLUV]


Big Statement, Mini Cakes

Minimonies, or mini-ceremonies, become more and more present as a result of how COVID-19 has affected the wedding industry. Since mini is the new word, why not go all the way to mini versions of wedding cakes, ones that would enable each guest to take one piece – no knife or gloves required? From cake pops to biscuits, to personal wedding cakes, it’s interesting and wonderful to see how creativity blooms in even challenging times.



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