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What your marriage will be like according to your Zodiac sign wedding date

If you really want to take everything into consideration when picking the perfect wedding date, let’s throw the zodiac sign of your wedding day into the mix!

 The date of your wedding, based on the zodiac wheel can help you refine the wedding elements with on the characteristic of the sign and also give you some tips and hints on your romantic future together.

 (Major bonus- do’s and don’ts with your partner, based on your wedding day horoscope🤫😉 )


Aquarius Marriages: January 20—February 18

You are the social couple that everyone wants to be invited to their parties, and also be their best friend. You are so cute and odd together and apart, and your relationship can be called anything other than normal.

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Try to make some one-on-one time, just the two of you, to remember why you chose one another in the first place. 



Pisces Marriages: February 19—March 20

Creativity, fantasy, and imagination will be the wind beneath your wings in this marriage. You are the goal of all couples, getting everyone envy of your romantic getaways and shared skydiving/ train surfing/ shark fishing experiences.

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: One of you will always have to keep your feet to the ground. Remember that Imagination is amazing but real life is great too.



Aries Marriages: March 21—April 19

Like the Aries men and women, so is your relationship destined of being flirtatious, spontaneous, and passionate. You and your partner will probably feel very comfortable with staying yourselves and finding a place for your individuality. 

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: With all the hyper and action this sign brings to your relationship, don’t forget to find the beauty in the ordinary routine with its peaceful moments.



Taurus Marriages: April 20—May 20

Your marriage is bound to be as sensual and indulging as the Taurus sign, but also very balanced and grounded. We are sure friends will stop by all the time since your home will definitely be very comfortable, peaceful, and inviting. 

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Don’t get stuck and bored! Try and add some spice and spontaneity by trying new things in life (and in your bedroom). 



Gemini Marriages: May 21—June 20

Ruled by the planet Mercury, you guys are going to talk it all the way to the Gold anniversary! Gemini marriage is all about the dialogue between you two and that will be the key to a happy, long-lasting, ear-catching fairytale.  

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Prioritize spending time together as a couple over getting activities and things done.



Cancer Marriages: June 21—July 22

Look out! It’s the Lovey Dovey Disney Fairytale type of marriage. Finishing each other’s sentences, cute nicknames, spontaneous flowers, and all the shebang is ahead of you (Yes, we are jealous!) 

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Don’t get lost in your love story. Make time for your friends and families and keep your individuality. 



Leo Marriages: July 23—August 22

The bold and the beautiful!  A love story, conflict, drama, climax, kiss, and makeup over and over again. You will have a theatrical yet passionate life and everyone will hear about it! Not boring at all!

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Tone down the volume when you fight (and also when you love) so that the neighbors won’t get mad, or jealous.



Virgo Marriages: August 23—September 22

God is in the little things, and so are you! This is a healthy, natural, effortless, and easy-going relationship where both sides give and take in the same measure.

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Don’t get too petty with each other. Life is so much bigger than here and now.



Libra Marriages: September 23—October 22

The balanced of all marriages. This is probably why October is the most popular month to get married in. Your relationship will be equal and adjusted so that both sides will feel heard and important.

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Sometimes, just once in a while, if it’s not too much trouble, get! Crazy!



Scorpio Marriages: October 23—November 21

This is the relationship you see in the movies. Passionate, full of power, lust, and intensity. Like the Scorpio itself, you will be intrigued and curious but also a little bit scared and that will keep you on the edge, what will happen next…

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Make sure you keep the communication between you very open and honest. Don’t keep things that bother you, to yourself. It will come out in the end and then it won’t be pretty. 



Sagittarius Marriages: November 22—December 21

You guys got back from Japan and left straight to Africa?! This is the most adventurous, free spirit, outgoing and friendly marriage, and also luck is on your side with Jupiter ruling your marriage sign.

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Keep the heat in the kitchen and the adventures outside. Make sure you keep your home and relationship steady.



Capricorn Marriages: December 22—January 19

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and also a great time to get married. The Capricorn sign guarantees life will be about keeping the tradition and family, together with always optimizing your odds and keeping a good healthy positive approach towards life.

Tip towards the 10-carat diamond anniversary: Get outside of the box and mix things up. Not everything needs to be calculated and thought all the way through. 



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Cover Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

Zodiac signs by Image by Агзам Гайсин