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Top 15 things to know about engagement rings

When you think about engagement rings, you either envision some princess cut jewelry on the list of the most expensive celebrity buys or you want something discreet, unique and personal. But no matter what type of person you are, you should definitely look over top 15 things to know about engagement rings.

Engagement rings for women vary as much as personalities do. From rose gold pieces, to vintage ones that tell a history, with a diamond or a sapphire, there are many options partners – both men and women – can choose from. One thing’s for sure, no matter your choice, it can’t be cheap. Avoid zirconia as it’s too flashy and fake, instead, stick to smaller precious stones that respect your budget. But more about this below.

1.  There are many rules and traditions regarding engagement rings, but the base is that it’s a promise ring. You promise to love and respect.

2. These precious round pieces of jewelry date back to Ancient Egypt when people wore them on the fourth finger of the left hand because they thought it had a vein connected to the heart, “vena amoris”. Needless to day today we know that that’s not really true. But let’s not burst this romantic bubble.

3. The most common stone used for engagement rings is the diamond because they are old carbon stones, formed millions of years ago inside the earth.

4. Of course, there are also man-made diamonds, cheaper and earth-friendly, if this is what you want.

5. The biggest diamond producer in the world is Botswana, followed in no particular order by Russia, Angola and Canada.

6. What’s more interesting is that your diamond most probably ended up in Belgium as 80% of these stones go through Antwerp’s auction system.

7. It’s said that it takes a man around 3 months to choose the perfect ring. We know it’s true – let us help with a click



8. The average price is around $5,000 or the equivalent of a month’s paycheck, but this is rarely true, let’s be real. We mean, unless you’re a Kardashian (see number 10 on this list)

9. The most popular cut is the round diamond cut, although the most talked about is the princess cut.

10. Top 3 most expensive engagement rings belong to Mariah Carey with $10 million and 35 carats, Elizabeth Taylor with over $8 million and 33 carats, and Kim Kardashian with $8 million and 15 carats.

11. The saying “ideal cut” was established in 1919 by mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky. He developed the most sparkling diamond with only 57 facets.

12. The perfect diamond doesn’t depend only on the shape, size or cut, but also on the fit and by that you should know that pear shapes make short and chubby fingers longer and round ones are perfect for long and thin fingers.

13. The most popular ring style is the diamond solitaire which usually means a simple round diamond on a white gold classic setting.

14. The most popular engagement month is December with around 15% of proposals happening that month, followed by February on Valentine’s Day.

15. Once you put it on, never take it off. Most rings are lost when you’re washing your hands or cleaning something. But if you must do it, put it in a box every time, not on the counter or near the sink.



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