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3 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring During the Winter

Are you planning on giving your partner an engagement ring? Are you a bride who also wants to wear her engagement ring all year around? You both don’t know how to take care of your engagement ring during the winter? Look no further than the easy guide below. The winter season is no friend to stones or even delicate hands, but it’s also not a foe. If you want to invest in a ring and you want it worn until the end of time, you can do so. Follow along some of the tips and tricks below.

If “I love my ring and I’m gonna wear it all life looong!” is your soundtrack, you might ask yourself the following questions: Can I look at it all day? Yes, you CAN! Can I sleep with it? Yes, you CAN! Can I shower with it? Yes, you CAN.

Keep your engagement ring clean
The first thing you should do during winter is clean it regularly. Because your skin dries, you apply a lot of lotions and it also sheds faster. This makes diamonds lose their sparkle. Whatever you choose, never do it above the drain, better put it on top of a towel just to make sure if you drop it it’s safe.
Sink it in warm water, add a bit of soap, let it there overnight and in the morning clean it delicately with an old toothbrush. Another way to clean it is to actually use toothpaste.



Always place it in safe environments

If you do have to take it off, make sure you carry with you a special pouch, box or dish to rest it on. If you’re traveling, you can also put it on a golden string and tie it around your neck. The best way you can take care of your ring during winter is to place it safely.



The diamond isn’t THAT resistant
If you’re prone to getting your ring stuck into sweaters, scarves or fluffy gloves, take a trip down to your jeweler to see if they can do something or at least make sure everything is still in place. This also applies if you hit it during furniture movements or even if your finger got stuck somewhere or hit a hard surface.
If you’re taking it to a specialist it’s also worth it if you could get a good professional clean. You’re supposed to do it at least once a year, but we know, we’re all very busy.


Happy Winter!

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