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15 Things to Know About Wedding Rings

White or gold, with or without stones, two-tone or tattooed on, there’s a wedding band out there for you. When we talk about the bride and groom’s jewelry, we mostly address the engagement ring. But there is more to add to your beautiful hands, so discover the top 15 things to know about wedding rings.

I DO day brings a lot of joy and sparkle to a couple. It’s also the perfect time to make savvy investments that will pass the time with you. It’s important to buy good materials, classic colors and shapes because bands can turn into family heirlooms too. But more in the list below.


1. It’s essential that when you invest in a diamond ring you also think to match it to the wedding band. You can’t go buying a white gold ring and then a yellow band or a wedding band with stones that will make the engagement ring less important.


2. But there are two-tone wedding bands on the market if that’s what you want, like these models here below.

two tone wedding bands

3. And since we’re talking about online shopping, half of the modern couples do their research and buys online when it comes to bands for their wedding day.


4. Couples usually invest in an engagement ring with a stone and a simple wedding band or just a wedding band with precious stones. The ring market is your oyster.


5. If you’re not interested in gold and don’t know how to play with the other materials to meet your budget, know that you can invest in a more expensive platinum engagement ring and a palladium wedding band.


6. Wedding bands should be thicker than engagement rings but not so that one eclipses the other. Together they should look like a chunkier band.


7. Simple, classic, rings are still some of the most sold models on the market.


8. Wedding ring fingers vary from country to country, most usually wear it on the fourth finger of the left hand.


9. It is said that the wedding ring trend began in the second World War when soldiers wore them to remember the wives they left at home.


10. The wedding band is a symbol of wealth, that the man can take care of a family, but also of eternity.


11. The most popular engraved phrases on the wedding rings are each other’s names and the wedding date.


12. Wedding bands with blue stones are believed to be a symbol of a happy and long marriage. Blue sapphires and aquamarine are meant to represent faithfulness and sincerity.


13. Some of the oldest materials to be used in wedding bands date back to Ancient Egypt. Couples would take papyrus paper and braid it with twigs to make a loop of love and “happily ever after”.


14. Wedding rings carry special powers, in some prisons, inmates get to wear their bands.


15. In some religions (especially Catholic and Orthodox) the wedding bands have to be blessed first by the priest in order for the couple to wear them.





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