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For the past 5 years, we have been considering ourselves lucky. Lucky to have found what we love, what makes us wake up happily in the morning. To share our creativity, to see the beauty in every detail, to share the love and dreams with our customers. This is why we're excited to invite you to enter our birthday giveaway to win this gorgeous, stunning Drops Sunflower Ring!      
Kathy & Kyle

My fiance, Kyle, and I have been together for five years, and live in Los Angeles.
Every year we go out to the Black Hills of South Dakota to spend a few weeks in nature.

Last year, we were with his family in a cabin playing a game of Telephone Pictionary.
The theme was movies - we had to draw out a scene from a movie that the person next to us wrote down, and the next person had to guess the movie from the picture.

When it came to my turn, Kyle handed me his card which read, "Will you marry me?"
I turned to him with a confused look and asked, "What kind of movie is that?"
And then he got down on one knee and it hit me! We laughed together at the silliness of it all, and we are getting married next Sunday.

Niki & Tal

I met Niki when I was 24. During my trip in Asia.

After 5 months of traveling I arrived to a small town in northern Japan called Akita.

Niki was working in this town as part of Japan program to import high educated English teachers,

Me and Niki have met one day in one of the main st at Akita’s center, and as 2 foreigners in Japan do, we introduced ourselves.

We found out we have common friends in the city and we both realized we’re going to meet again, which happened couple of days later at a common friend’s party.

This Oct’ it will be our 10th anniversary and as a part of my plan to celebrate it with my wife, I decided to buy her a ring which resemble our marriage and life together.

Sharon & Jacob

After meeting in Jerusalem and falling in love with my wife, Sharon, I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life by her side.

I proposed on a beach cliff in Netanya, Israel after having an engagement piece custom made by the wonderful team at Ayala and Camellia.
At sunrise, I asked the big question.

Tom & Tansy

Tom and Tansy had designed all 3 rings and had them shipped to the house but left for a climbing trip before they arrived.

Tom managed to surprise Tansy with an opal ring on the edge of the crag after a climb even though the rings shipped two weeks early. The surprise was epic, the planning was easy, and everyone had a chuckle at how confused and surprised Tansy was.


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