About Camellia Jewelry

Enwrapping classic beauty in a modern touch, we capture the whimsical spirit of your love story, allowing you to express what can never be put into words. Inspired by blooming rose gardens, handcrafted European facades, and the reserved beauty found in our own backyards, our rings capture the unique energy which radiates from your journey together. With a love so unique, why buy her an ordinary ring?

“Your love is special. Truly wow her with a ring which represents how you feel every time you see her. A design as whimsical and uplifting as your love” – Itamar

We are two brothers who know that nothing enhances creativity quite like love. It has driven us to develop new techniques, allowing for multiple gold colors and one of a kind patterns.

With thousands of satisfied couples and over 650 verified reviews, we encourage you to reimagine what is possible from an engagement ring, wedding band, or fine jewelry. Every breathtaking piece is made to order, making her heart flutter anew with each glance.

Simultaneously dazzling, subtle, bold, enthralling, & conservative. No matter her taste, each order reignites our passion for creativity, reminding us of how much we love what we do. We’d like to invite you to have a look at our collection and contact us to discuss the perfect ring. Our concierge service and customization options ensure that her ring will be like no other.


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